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Simmonds Project Management Solutions work closely with energy and utility companies providing programme and project management consultancy helping to deliver new facilities, and improving the efficiency of existing capacity.

With over 20 years experience  in this sector we  understand the complex and demanding environment  within the Energy and utility companies operate; having to balance service provision within rigorous regulatory regime all the while competing with each other for customers or development contracts.

The energy and utilities sector is seeing unprecedented change with massive investment needed to address supply security, demand for growth and climate change. None of these can be tackled in isolation and companies must balance the potential benefits with the capital outlay.

The energy companies are looking to transform the way in which energy is delivered and used. From the works completed on the London 2012 Olympic park and the work undertaken in the nuclear sector Simmonds Project Management Solutions are well versed in the technical and logistical challenges faced by the energy and utility companies and seek to provide professional advice to our clients to ensure that improvements are delivered in a sustainable and economic way.

London 2012 Primary Substation