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Battersea Case Study

Battersea Water Treament Works Case Study


Client: Thames Water

Value: £7.8M

Forms of Contract: IChemE Purple Book design and build

Programme:  August 2003 to January 2005

Due to the pressures exerted by the Environment Agency Thames Water were encouraged to utilise their existing borehole licences. As such an existing borehole on the Thames Water ring main site at Battersea was earmarked for further development.

Due to the nature of the water quality it was identified that aeration and GAC were required, however in spite of these treatment processes the water quality still did not meet strict DWI requirements. It was therefore decided that the water produced from the plant would be blended at with the water in three strategic mains crossing the site. This entailed six months of planning as the existing water mains that fed the majority of south London had to be isolated and cut into to insert the new mixer. An additional risk that had to be considered and managed was the age of the existing water mains which were circa 1908 with lead run joints.

Once complete the plant was capable of delivering 7.8Ml/d into the respective zones.

Delivery challenges:

  • Constrained high security site with a highly populated underground services
  • Just in time deliveries due to severe lack of storage
  • Construction to be undertaken around strategic cast iron water mains
  • Complex interdepartmental stakeholder management